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Martial Arts Biography of Chief Instructor Patrick Ruder


Born in Great Falls, MT, I had two choices for activities: sports or fishing and hunting. I chose sports. From the time I could walk I was shooting baskets, kicking a soccer ball, throwing a football or riding bicycles, a normal healthy rambunctious active youth. By the time I got to college at Oregon State University (OSU), I wanted to do other things than sports. It started with Hatha Yoga as taught by Gretchen Spiro for a Physical Activity Class (PAC). This turned into four years with her and then Janet Hochfeld continued my training for another two. Shortly after my first yoga classes, I heard about a martial art called Kali and a person name Dick Burrow from Eugene, Oregon was certified to teach both Kali and JKD. Dick encouraged his students to study other arts and was an excellent instructor. May he rest in peace. I received my black belt from Dick and taking his advice; I enrolled in wrestling PAC at OSU and had the incredible privilege to learn from the then assistant coach Randy Couture. Randy is an excellent coach, trainer, and motivator. During college, I also signed up for fencing PAC with Fuzhong Li. Over a 7 year period at Oregon State, I studied 6 years of Hatha yoga, 18 months of JKD/KALI, 4 years of wrestling, and 9 months of fencing.


My martial arts training was put on hiatus until after I graduated college and entered the Army in 1997. After military service I moved to Oahu, Hawaii in 2003. One of my first moves was to search the phone book for weapons based schools. The only Filipino school of martial arts listed at the time was the Honolulu branch of the Pedoy School of Escrima taught by Master Ron England. While training with the Pedoy School of Escrima I also had the great honor and privilege to train with Batikan Eduardo Pedoy for 1 year and have received instruction from Master Carlton Kramer.


In January 2005 I joined Ola'a-Nalo Eskrima and I am blessed to have such a fantastic martial arts environment training with Master Ron and his family of instructors and students. In February of 2005, I began studying Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at the Casca Grossa School which has brought me back to the ground range and compliments my goals for growth in the martial arts. My martial arts future is to continue to live a life of body, mind and spirit where sometimes I am a student, sometimes I am an instructor, but I am always learning, sharing and training. As much as martial arts are about evolution and change, they are also about preservation of the old styles and movements.


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