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Ola`a Nalo Eskrima

Chief Instructor Dexter M. James


Martial Arts Biography of Chief Instructor Dexter M. James

dexter.jpgMy martial arts training began (1990-1993) with wrestling at Monsignor Farrell High School in New York. As I became more intrigued with the martial arts I started training in Lama Pai Kung Fu (1993-1999) where I obtained the rank of assistant instructor before leaving to study in Hawaii.

In 1999 while studying at the University of Hawaii I began training in the Filipino Martial Arts under Senior Chief Instructor Ron England who was leading classes at the Honolulu Main Branch of the Pedoy School of Derobio Escrima. I studied with Chief Ron for the 2 years (1999-2000) that I was in Hawaii.

After I left Hawaii I returned to the east coast to continue my educational pursuits. While living on the east coast I joined the Army Reserve and our unit was activated after the 2001: 911 events and I ended up being sent to Iraq in Desert Storm I. While I was stationed in the combat zone (2004) the martial arts training that I received from Ron England and others helped to save my life on several occasions.

After returning from the Iraq war I resumed my training in the Filipino Martial arts with Master Ron England under his new organization Ola`a-nalo Eskrima. To supplement my weapon and hand to hand training I began studying at the Hoshin Academy in Walden New York in the style of Ninhon Goshin Aikido in which I have continued to this day and in 2006 I received my black belt in that system.

In 2008 I hosted Master Ron at the Hoshin Academy at which time I was promoted to the rank of Maestro instructor.

On a subsequent trip to Hawaii in 2009 to further my Filipino Martial Arts studies with Master Ron and Ola’a-nalo Eskrima I was promoted to the rank of Maestro Level III Instructor.

In 2013 while attending a Ola’a-nalo Eskrima seminar in Davenport, Iowa I was promoted to the rank of Chief Instructor.

 I currently teach the Filipino Martial Art system of Ola’a-nalo Eskrima Jungle Style and Ninhon Goshin Akido at the Hoshin Academy. In addition I have cross trained in several other disciplines of the Filipino Martial Arts of which various elements are incorporated into my current classes I teach at the Hoshin Academy.

I hold ranking in these Filipino Martial Arts systems:

Bladesmart (Inosanto Kali)

Basic Instructor


Scientific Fighting Congress knife/counter knife

Basic Instructor


Scientific Fighting Congress Stick

Basic Instructor


Lighting Scientific Arnis

Level 1 Trainer


World Original Teovel's Balintawak Arnis

Assistant Instructor




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