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Ola`a Nalo Eskrima

Our Creed, Mission, and Philosophy


School Creed

Our mentor GGM Braulio Pedoy stated the following:

In order of importance it is: God, Family, Art

Know the four gates: the eyes, ears, nose and mouth:

Keep in mind it is the mouth that will get you in the most trouble

If you protect the art of Derobio it will protect you

If you serve the power of Derobio it will serve you

Learn the art to never use it, except to defend your life, family & honor

If you kill some-one you have to answer to the 2 authorities:

The authorities here on earth and the supreme authority above

Warriors Creed

A warrior will die with the cuts on the front: to retreat is not an option

A warrior must learn to be at peace with his/her art & his/her life

As a warrior, choose your words & actions wisely, do not gossip and never lie

A warrior understands that humbleness is something that must obtained

A warrior must revere all living things: humans, animals, plants and nature itself

A warrior should learn the martial arts and the healing arts as well

Act like a warrior, be a warrior

School Mission

The mission of Ola'-nalo Eskrima is to preserve the philosophies & movements of Great Grandmaster Braulio Pedoy and his style of Derobio Escrima.


The mission of Jungle Style is to develop an effective martial art based on the various combat systems of the Pacific Basin.

School Philosophy

The people that come to our school are treated

1st as family, 2nd as students & 3rd as customers

As family we are there in time of need for each other.

As our student it is our responsibility to provide you with practical martial training.

As a customer we are indebted to provide you with value for dollar.



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