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Back to the Roots of Eskrima

Perpetuating the past while evolving to the future!


Recently I was discussing training with a good friend and fellow Eskrimador. I commented that our training at ONE was focusing a lot on the knife and he asked why the knife and not the Eskrima stick. I asked if he could recall the last time that someone was attacked with a knife. He said a week ago there was a stabbing and a few weeks before that there was another stabbing.  My point exactly: I explained that I had made a conscious effort to focus on the most common assault weapon on the street. As an instructor it is my objective to teach a comprehensive street oriented martial art. While it is true that the stick is the traditional Eskrima weapon, the knife is the most common weapon on the street.



Lessons From Great Grand Master Pedoy


There is a story about GGM Pedoy being attacked many years ago in downtown Honolulu after a late night card game. As the story goes the GGM won all of another player’s money and made some comments to the man about him losing his money. Shortly thereafter the man left the card game but unknown to GGM Pedoy the man was waiting outside to ambush him when he came out of the game. In the attack the man cut the GGM across his stomach, but fortunately he did not hit vital organs. GGM Pedoy was able to fight the man off until he managed to pick up a bottle lying on the ground and knocked his attacker out and then passed out from blood loss himself. He survived the attack but carried the scars from that incident to his grave.


He often commented to us that if possible it was good to not make people angry at you, because they may carry a grudge and someday comeback to take revenge upon you, when you least expect it. 




The Jungle Vine

What’s Coming Up This Year

Mainland Seminars


Davenport Iowa 2013

The public seminar will be held on Sat & Sun July 20 & 21 from 9am-4pm.

There will be a ONE workshop on Thur & Fri, July 18 & 19, 10am-3pm

The workshop is exclusively for ONE instructors and students for rank testing


Southern California

This seminar is scheduled for Sept 2013

(The exact date & location TBD by July)

The 7th Annual Maui Open

 will be held on Sat-Nov 02, 2013. The venue at the Westin Maui Resort & Spa is confirmed. More information will be released this summer on room rates and other details.  The Maui Open is Hawaii’s largest multi-style martial arts tournament, do not miss it.


Volcano Trip

We hope to organize a trip this year to visit the Hawaii Island volcano and give observance to Madam Pele in behalf of GGM Pedoy & Derobio.


Let me know if you want to join in on this trip.




If you stay involved in a martial art long enough you will learn about its past, be involved in its present and hopefully be around long enough to help shape its future. Thank you for your contributions to the Filipino Martial Arts.


Train Hard--Train Safe

mahalo and aloha




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