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Ola`a Nalo Eskrima

History of Ola`a Nalo Eskrima Jungle Style



bw_transparent_logo.gifOla'a-Nalo Eskrima Jungle Style is a weapon-based martial art drawing influences from the various armed and unarmed fighting arts of the Pacific island jungles.  Utilizing the outside passing movements of Pedoy Style Derobio Escrima combined with the against-the-force blocks of Kali and Arnis, Ola’a-nalo Eskrima is an extremely versatile weapons system. Ola'a-Nalo, the namesake of this martial system, is dedicated to the Filipino, Chinese, Japanese and others that migrated to Hawaii and were assigned to the sugar cane plantations on the Big Island of Hawaii and the Waimanalo valley on Oahu.


Ola’a-Nalo Patch: When you look at our logo-patch you will notice the absence of weapons. That is because in the old days weapons were not displayed until needed. The diamond shape is from a Spanish fencing diagram. The 12 rayed Sun represents life itself and also signifies the 12 offensive and defensive movements. The mountains represent the 2000 foot cliffs of the Koolau mountain range that are found in the Waimanalo valley. The tree in our patch is the Banyan tree.  The Banyan tree is considered inhabited by spirits (good & bad) by many Pacific Basin cultures. The Banyan tree root system is massive, signifying that without “the roots” you have no foundation in the martial arts.



Dayak Long House

Borneo Jungle

In Jungle Style we apply the movements from nature, such as the movement of the horse (to evade obstacles), or do not be like the monkey (that holds the fruit too long and gets caught). In the jungle the tree bends with the force of the wind, and then snaps back once the wind passes. In Ola’a-nalo Jungle Style we encourage the study of the healing arts that come from nature such as Reiki, Hilot, Massage (Lomi-Lomi), Magnetic Therapies. It is known that many of the old Eskrima masters were healers.

The healing arts and martial arts are parallel pathways and you should not do one art with out the other. Chi, Ki, Mana; or what ever you prefer to call it is the “energy of life”. This natural energy can heal or kill you, learn how to take in the good energy and discharge the negative chaos energy encountered in daily life.




When studying Jungle Style a sub-element of Ola’a-nalo Eskrima the student should be open to anything that is found to be effective in any range of armed or empty hand combat. The essence of Jungle Style is to never retreat unless it is of tactical advantage. Train to win, not to fight. The objective is to practice with as many types of hand held and projectile weapons as possible. Training should be indoors as well as outdoors. Light-medium sparring is mandatory, heavy sparring is optional, but desired. Firearms training is desired. Movements Utilized: Derobio, Ala-contra, 2-hand baton, direct vices, direct disarms. Combine sikaran (kicks) and weapon strikes to coordinate double attack, high-low, left-right. Always strike the weapon hand (de-fang the snake) directly when possible.


Jungle Style has only one objective: survival in combat.



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