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(Sure Point Knife Fighting)





Sure Point Knife Fighting (SPKF):

S.P.K.F. was developed as a safe tournament sport. Unlike most other padded weapons tournaments, S.P.K.F. reinforces fighters to use defensive tactics. Our mission in S.P.K.F. is to demonstrate there are no winners in a knife fight.






Match Rules

Matches are fought in a ring size up to 20x20 feet.

All matches shall have a referee, scoring judge, time keeper and a weapons coordinator.


1.      Each match will consist of two 30 second rounds with a 30 second
break between each round.

2.      Matches are open to men/women 18 years and up, if less than 21 must have a guardian’s signature.

3.      Matches are random pick; men or women of any age or weight class
maybe matched up.

4.      A tournament champion is determined by winners fighting winners.
There is no 2nd or 3rd place.

5.      A competitor cannot avoid contact. Evading contact is encouraged.
Avoiding contact is not.

6.      If a competitor concedes a fight they must step back and raise their arms.






The scoring concept: Give your opponent points while receiving no points yourself. Fighters that have the fewest points tallied against them are match winners. Striking zones are from the head to the waist.


1.      Slashes to the weapon arm/hand, face/head, armpits or stabs to the torso (2 points).

2.      Slashes to the check arm hand or torso (1 point).

3.      If a fighter loses vision due to excessive face hits and is forced to
stop fighting (5 points).

4.      A dropped weapon or slash to the neck (fatal) (5 points).

5.      If a strike zone has multiple hits and is unreadable that area is awarded
(2 times) standard points.

6.      If a fighter receives over 100 points against them they are eliminated from completion. If both fighters receive over 100 points each in a match, their match is considered a no contest.








1.      S.P.K.F. approved safety knives must be used.

2.      Official S.P.K.F. white long sleeve T-shirt must be worn.

3.      Head and ‘solid face shield protection’ must be used, subject to approval
by S.P.K.F. committee.

4.      Mouthpiece is mandatory. Hand protection is subject to approval
by S.P.K.F. committee.

5.      Groin (male) and or chest protection (female) is recommended for all participants.

6.      It is suggested to wear old clothes and equipment as some staining may occur.

Time outs are mandatory for equipment failure.




Disqualification from the Match

If a fighter accumulates more than a total of 6 warnings, or exceeds the minimum warnings per category, they will immediately be disqualified from the match and their opponent will be declared the winner.


1.      No intentional stabbing to the opponents face, throat or groin area is allowed.
(1 warning)

2.      No kicking or take downs are allowed. (1 warning)

3.      No intentional punching with check or weapon hand. (1 warning)

4.      Grabbing of the opponents face mask, weapon hand, helmet, uniform or body is not allowed. (2 warnings)

5.      Foul language, poor sportsmanship of failure to follow the referee’s instruction.
(2 warnings)

6.      Failing to engage your opponent to avoid hits, leaving the ring on purpose to avoid contact. (3 warnings)


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